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The seed was believed to be the representative of creation and soul in many customs of ancient times. When it is symbolized, it is also shown as a circle and it is the smallest one. The fact that the seed stays under the soil in winter and starts to develop in spring indicates that every darkness will turn into enlightenment. Moreover, it is thought that there was too much relationship between women and seed in Borneo Island in ancient times. Because the woman is a procreative being and likewise the seed germinates and provides the occasion for new beginnings.


The origin of the word "aşk"/love in Turkish is derived from the word "aşeka" in Persian. Actually "aşeka" means ivy. Ivy is similar to "aşk"/love. Just as love wraps up the whole of our body and grows within us, the ivy wraps the whole tree and goes on its life in this way. Both of them grow so quickly that we can't understand how it happened.


Arrow is known as the first weapon in history and it represents protection in the Native American culture. Even though it conjures up winning the palm and war today, it actually has another meaning. The two ends of the arrow represent loyalty. While the twins Artemis and Apollo in Greek mythology are known for their talent in archery, it represents the adherence among people at the same time.


The eyes are the richest and the most powerful organ of the body. They're the source of knowledge, power and desire. At the same time, in many countries, it also represents the evil eye. That is why in most countries it is believed that the eye symbol protects the person from the evil eye. The all seeing eye is present in every culture, and today the eye represents the guardianship of God. That is why, the eyes are considered to be the most sensual organ of the body. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. They speak, laugh, sometimes shine and darken. Eyes are the best at conveying emotions.

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